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Optimizing Micro-Wave CVI: Insights and Models from the CEM-WAVE Project

The CEM-WAVE  explores a microwave-assisted CVI process, emphasizing the importance of a strong thermal gradient

Advancing Sustainable Materials for the heavy industry

Europe is seeking innovative solutions to tackle climate change challenges.

Decoding the Fundamentals of the CEM-WAVE Project

Professor Jon Binner (Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering – school of Metallurgy and Materials

YAS glass-ceramic used as joining material for SiC/SiC composites

The CEM-WAVE project takes steps in developing new ceramic materials for joining applications.

A Glimpse into the CEM-WAVE Project

A brand new series of videos has just been released, providing an in-depth look into the innovative CEM-

Revolutionating MW-CVI process

Advancing Ceramic Matrix Composites: A Successful Collaboration between IRIS,

Exploring Cutting-Edge Advances in MW-CVI Technology: UNIPI – IPCF-CNR Labs

In a recent milestone for the CEM-WAVE project, Dr.

EU-funded Novel High-Performance Materials & Component open webinar

The first webinar on new high-performance materials & components by the SPIRE08 cluster

Project scientists present CEM-WAVE at Ceramics in Europe 2022

A “not-to-miss event” for the sector, read more about CEM-WAVE at Ceramics in Europe 2022!

Technical EU experts host one-day event on new Ceramic Matrix Composites for the Process Industry

Academia and industry meet in Perugia, Italy, to discuss technical advancement in the CMC sector

Thermo-structural ceramic composites for a better future

How do we get Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) materials beyond the aeronautical and aerospace sector

Manufacturing innovative composites materials for a cleaner planet

The CEM-WAVE project plans to create new, more resistant, and sustainable materials for steelmaking

The Life Cycle Analysis, a great tool for a greener future

A popular methodology based on internationally recognised standards, the CEM-WAVE project uses Life

The fibre/matrix Interface in Ceramic Matrix Composites

The first step to developing CMCs samples and components consists of applying a coating to the cera

Modelling Chemical Vapor Infiltration with Microwave Heating: a multi-scale, multi-physics challenge

Understanding how CVI works under microwave heating is, to say the least, a complex business.

The role of the joining process in CEM-WAVE

Using or inventing new materials requires thinking of new joining solutions.

Processing Ceramic Matrix Composites via Chemical Vapour Infiltration: a CEM-WAVE-based overview

We invite you to delve into the meanders of the Chemical Vapour Infiltration process!

From the HELM to the CEM-WAVE project: advancements in microwave chemical vapour infiltration

Science being a reiterative process, advancements made in one EU project can pave the way to new on

The CEM-WAVE Revolution is here!

With its official online kick-off meeting in October 2020, the CEM-WAVE project embarked on a journ

What if the future of steel processing involved microwave technology?

Microwaves and metals, seriously?

What are the applications of Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMCs) materials?

Ceramix Matrix Composites may not seem everyone’s cup of tea.


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