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Project workpackage

Project start

Preliminary Advancement from the CEM-WAVE Project research and tests

The CEM-WAVE project aims at introducing to European industries an innovative CMC production process, based on Microwave-assisted Chemical Vapour Infiltration (MW-CVI) technologies making CMCs application sustainable for process industries in energy-intensive sectors such as steelmaking. In particular, the final goal will be to test a CMC tubular-shaped prototype to be applied in future relevant environment, characterized by increasing hydrogen contents, for their application in radiant tube furnaces in steelmaking industries.
In order to reach this goal, the CEM-WAVE consortium members have been working hard to allow a wider application of these materials, such as:

  • Flexible fiber coating and CMC preforms manufacturing routes suitable for the next infiltration processing;
  • Development of rapid and easier joining technologies for the manufacturing of complex CMCs components;
  • Upgrade of the MW-CVI process by implementation of the latest MW solid-state sources to finely tailor the MW heating parameters while allowing for this technology automation;
  • Thermo-mechanical and corrosion resistance characterization of CMCs in relevant environment;
  • MW-CVI process numerical modelling for the processing parameters optimization and scale-up considerations;

In the upcoming video, we delve into the project's research, explain the adaptations implemented, and present the initial outcomes of the project.


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