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Ceramic matrix composites

EU-funded Novel High-Performance Materials & Component open webinar

The first webinar on new high-performance materials & components by the SPIRE08 cluster

Almost three years after the SPIRE08 funding call for Industrial Sustainability launched by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, the six awarded projects in charge of developing novel high-performance materials and components are gathering in a public webinar to present and share their first results.

The event, titled “Novel high-performance materials & components”, will be held online on 15 November 2022 at 10 AM CET (GMT +2) and is accessible free of charge by subscription:

Rallying technical experts working on the HIPERMAT, CEM-WAVE, ACHIEF, COMPASsCO2, topAM and FORGE projects funded under the former SPIRE (now Processes4Planet) Partnership, the webinar will be an occasion to introduce and discuss the projects’ achievement to date and explore innovative, high-resistant materials and components for a more sustainable process industry.

The morning will kick off with an introduction by HIPERMAT’s Project Coordinator, Mr Fernando Santos from the Azterlan Metallurgy Research Centre (Spain). Mr Santos will open the discussion with a first technical presentation on new-generation refractory stainless steels, highlighting the relevance of the cooling rate on high-temperature related properties during the material’s solidification.

Ms Andrea Gregores Coto, from the Aimen Technological Centre (Spain) and representing the ACHIEF project, will then share the latest on the fast development of innovative materials using a combination of generative and physics-based models. The webinar will after delve into material design for Addictive Manufacturing by Prof. Ulrich Krupp from the Steel Institute at RWTH Aachen University, the coordinator of the topAM project.

The round of technical contributions will continue with Dr Roberto D’Ambrosio from the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering University of Pisa (DICI – UNIPI, Italy), coordinating the CEM-WAVE project. He will dig into how to enable the potential of Ceramic Matrix Composites materials for energy-intensive industries. Dr Kan Ma from the University of Birmingham and Dr Mathias Galetz from the DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut will then talk about the results from the COMPASsCO2 project on novel Cr-based alloys strengthened by intermetallics for structural and coating applications at temperatures above 800 ºC.

Finally, Mr Alvise Bianchin, coordinating the FORGE project at MBN nanomaterialia S.p.a., will close the technical round table with a contribution on the development of metal coatings by data/physics-based modelling of compositionally complex alloys. A time for questions and discussions will be open to all attendants at the end of the webinar.

It is increasingly recognised that the way EU-based energy-intensive process industries operate requires a radical transformation for the Union to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Novel low-carbon technologies and processes must address the fluctuating and extreme conditions typical of renewable energy-based productions, which include very high temperatures and corrosive environments. Both design and applications must align to allow efficient high-energy performance that is environmentally sustainable and economically sound.

Organized by the HIPERMAT project as a clustering action, the webinar targets industry representatives, decision-makers, and technical experts from all over the world and is expected to be an occasion to exchange knowledge and lessons learned with all interested parties.

Do you want to know more about the SPIRE08 Cluster? Visit our Cluster Projects web page.



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