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CEM Project_UNIPI PO Visit

Exploring Cutting-Edge Advances in MW-CVI Technology: UNIPI – IPCF-CNR Labs

In a recent milestone for the CEM-WAVE project, Dr. Antonios Konstantas, the Project Officer, embarked on a visit to the collaborative laboratories of the University of Pisa (UNIPI) and the Institute for Chemical-Physical Processes of the National Research Council (IPCF-CNR) in Pisa. The purpose of this visit was to delve into the intricate world of MW-CVI technology and gain insights into the groundbreaking research activities conducted by the project leaders.

MW-CVI, or Microwave-assisted Chemical Vapor Infiltration, is at the forefront of materials processing, particularly in the development of non-oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs). UNIPI, as the leader in this domain, spearheads activities related to MW-CVI processing of these advanced materials. Simultaneously, IPCF-CNR takes charge of high-temperature dielectric properties characterization and electromagnetic-heating modeling of the MW-CVI reactors, making it an essential collaborator in pushing the boundaries of this technology.

The focal point of Dr. Konstantas's visit was to receive a comprehensive update on the CEM-WAVE project's status from its coordinator, Prof. Andrea Lazzeri. The emphasis was on highlighting the major strides achieved in MW-CVI technology—a pivotal aspect of the overarching project. This visit not only underscored the significance of collaborative efforts but also showcased the commitment to advancing research and innovation in materials science.
During the visit, key personnel from both UNIPI and IPCF-CNR actively participated, adding depth and expertise to the discussions. From UNIPI's side, Prof. Andrea Lazzeri, also the leader of Work Package 3 (WP3), provided a detailed overview of the MW-CVI pilot plant facilities. Supported by a team of experts including Dr. Laura Aliotta, Dr. Vito Gigante, Dr. Bianca Dal Pont, and Dr. Elisa Falaschi. Prof. Lazzeri presented main results on SiC/SiC materials, shedding light on the impressive progress achieved.

On the IPCF-CNR side, Dr. Giuseppe Annino, leader of Work Package 2 (WP2), elucidated on the high-temperature dielectric characterization apparatus and the MW solid-state sources system. Dr. Annino, along with Dr. Roberto D’Ambrosio and Dr. Andrea Cintio, detailed the resulting benefits for MW-CVI process activities. Their expertise highlighted the intricate interplay of various components, showcasing the meticulous approach taken in advancing the technology.

This collaborative venture not only fosters knowledge exchange but also strengthens the fabric of innovation in materials science. The dedication of UNIPI and IPCF-CNR to pushing the boundaries of research was evident throughout the visit, reflecting the commitment to the success of the CEM-WAVE project.
As we look to the future, this collaborative effort serves as a beacon of inspiration for researchers and innovators alike. The visit to UNIPI – IPCF-CNR labs not only marked a pivotal moment in the CEM-WAVE project but also heralded the next wave of advancements in MW-CVI technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards groundbreaking discoveries in materials science.

UNIPI-CNR facilities


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