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CEM-WAVE Project miniserie

A Glimpse into the CEM-WAVE Project

A brand new series of videos has just been released, providing an in-depth look into the innovative CEM-WAVE project. This mini-series, comprised of four engaging videos, is part of our ongoing communication mission to foster a deeper understanding of the project's origins, its value proposition, diverse applications, market demand, and the challenges it seeks to overcome.

Meet Dr. Roberto D’Ambrosio:
Leading the charge in unraveling the complexities of the CEM-WAVE project is Dr. Roberto D’Ambrosio, a distinguished researcher from the Istituto per i Processi Chimico Fisici – Institute for Chemical and Physical Processes – of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IPCF-CNR, Italy) and the  University of Pisa (UNIPI). With a wealth of expertise, Dr. D’Ambrosio serves as our guide, shedding light on all the key aspects that make the CEM-WAVE project a remarkable venture.

Video 1: CEM - WAVE project origins --> WATCH HERE
In this first video, Dr. D’Ambrosio walks us through the inception and birth of the CEM-WAVE project and the market demand convered. Then, he delves into the project's value proposition to discover the specific features and benefis that set the project to the energy intensive industry.

Video 2: Focus and applications. -->WATCH HERE
From scientific breakthroughs to practical implementations, this segment promises to unveil the project's versatility.

Video3: Challenges to address-->WATCH HERE
Dr. D’Ambrosio addresses the challenges and provides valuable insights into the real-world implications of the project and the hurdles that must be overcome.

Video 4:-->WATCH HERE
CEM-WAVE contribution to climate change and decarbonisation of the future aligned with EU policies.

The first video sets the stage for what promises to be a very interesting series.

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases, and join us in exploring the frontiers of scientific innovation following our social profiles: 



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