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Optimizing Micro-Wave CVI: Insights and Models from the CEM-WAVE Project

The CEM-WAVE  explores a microwave-assisted CVI process, emphasizing the importance of a strong thermal gradient

YAS glass-ceramic used as joining material for SiC/SiC composites

The CEM-WAVE project takes steps in developing new ceramic materials for joining applications.

Revolutionating MW-CVI process

Advancing Ceramic Matrix Composites: A Successful Collaboration between IRIS,

EU-funded Novel High-Performance Materials & Component open webinar

The first webinar on new high-performance materials & components by the SPIRE08 cluster

Project scientists present CEM-WAVE at Ceramics in Europe 2022

A “not-to-miss event” for the sector, read more about CEM-WAVE at Ceramics in Europe 2022!

Thermo-structural ceramic composites for a better future

How do we get Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) materials beyond the aeronautical and aerospace sector

Manufacturing innovative composites materials for a cleaner planet

The CEM-WAVE project plans to create new, more resistant, and sustainable materials for steelmaking


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