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Perugia, Italy

CIMTEC 2022 - 15th Ceramics Congress & 9th Forum on New Materials

CIMTEC 2022 - 15th International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies - will feature the 15th International Ceramics Congress (June 20-24) and the 9th Forum on New Materials (June 25-29), each of them including a number of international Symposia and Conferences. As a major longstanding event for the international materials community in 2022 celebrating its 50th Birthday, CIMTEC will gather together a large and qualified audience of materials scientists, physicists, chemists and of experts of a wide range of the most demanding application engineering areas of modern materials, from the molecular and nanoscales to large complex integrated systems.

TecnaGroup, World Academy of Ceramics (WAC), International Ceramic Federation (ICF), International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS), National Research Council of Italy (CNR), the Italian National Agency for New Technology...
22-29 Jun


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